Love And Pebble Shark Tank Net Worth

The entrepreneurial and socially conscious company Love and Pebble has seen extraordinary expansion as a direct result of its involvement in the television show Shark Tank.

Love and Pebble was started by Lynda Truong and Paul Tran, the company’s founders. They are the ones who are responsible for the company’s beginning.

The two individuals had the goal of launching a fashion company that would be beneficial to the natural world while also being profitable.

A Pebble In The Ocean: A Love Story

The “shark tank” was impressed with Love and Pebble, a company co-founded by Lynda Truong and Paul Gourville in 2017.

Pebble is a natural stone that can be used as a countertop or wall tile, thus it was immediately appealing to investors owing to its novel design. It also stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive feel.

Although the show did not result in an investment contract for the pair, their progress since then has been remarkable. Despite not getting money from Shark Tank, Love, and Pebble have developed tremendously over the previous four years.

They’ve been coming up with innovative designs for both residential and commercial tiling and have earned the loyalty of their customers as a result. They are living proof that hard work and determination can yield positive results even in the absence of substantial financial backing.

Services Provided By

Since their participation in Shark Tank, Love, and Pebble have amassed a considerable fortune. Natural ingredients and high-end results are promised by this company’s extensive line of skin care products, which range from beauty pops to ice mask packages.

The Beauty Pops Ice Mask Kit is their best seller, and it uses an innovative combination of fruit extracts and essential oils to give you a refreshingly chilly feeling. This set has everything you need for a spa day in the comfort of your own home, including a facial scrub, facial oil, lip balm, and toner mist.

Body butter, bath bombs, liquid soaps, bubble baths, and more are included as samples. Customers have commended the kit’s low price and efficient alleviation of dryness and irritation brought on by common environmental causes.

Love & Pebble is well-known for its commitment to sustainability in addition to its value-packed cosmetic products.

Each product is hand-made in small amounts with care, and all of the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable. They are also committed to using only vegan-friendly materials.

Pride In Owning Both Love And A Pebble

Several of the couple’s skincare creations make up the Love and Pebble beauty pop. Products including masks, serums, exfoliants, lotions, and more fall into this category. All-natural components are used in each formula to hydrate the skin deeply and nurture it from the inside out.

Lynda and Paul are the sole owners, so they get to make all the creative decisions and create all the products on their own time before presenting them to the investors on Shark Tank.

All three investors agree that this allows them to stay focused on their primary goal of providing effective, high-quality skincare products.

As a result of the efforts of its creators and the foresight of its early donors like Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin O’Leary, Love & Pebble has amassed a net worth of approximately $1 million.

With such solid financial backing, together with the drive and enthusiasm of its founders, Love & Pebble’s future is wide open.

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Participation in the Shark Tank

The business duo of Paul and Lynda Truong appeared in front of the Sharks and asked for $150,000 in exchange for 10% ownership. After hearing about their company’s background and the introduction of Beauty Pops, the “sharks” had to weigh the evidence.

Sales of $890,000 to date and $100,000 in just 4 days in May indicate that a lot of people are interested in the product. A video of Lynda’s mom’s face changing has gone viral on TikTok, drawing 4 million views.

love and pabble shark tank
love and pabble shark tank

With a selling price of $46 and a cost to ship of $9.20, the 80% profit margin was worked out. When Lynda sold a house for $100,000, she used the money to start her own business.

Kevin O’Leary asked the Truongs if they had made any sales because they had spent money on marketing. In answer, the Truongs said they had used sponsored advertising, which cost $7 per new client.

There was no interest from Kevin O’Leary, no expertise from Daniel Lubetzky, no good fit for Lori Greiner, and no enthusiasm from Barbara Corcoran. Without a deal in hand, Love and Pebble left Shark Tank.

Cryo Beauty Blasts

Lynda Truong and Paul Tran, co-founders of Pebble’s Beauty Pops, have built their business on a foundation of love and dedication. Their groundbreaking Cryo Gua Sha system, which blends ancient gua sha practices with modern cryogenic technology, has been making headlines ever since they appeared on Shark Tank in 2019.

Customers who have used the cosmetic product and seen a change in their skin tone, puffiness, and wrinkles have given it glowing reviews.

To maximize the benefits of Cryo Gua Sha treatments, the duo also provides a Dermaroller Kit and Cryo Gua Sha System, which employs gentle microneedling to increase collagen production and promote lymphatic drainage.

It would appear that the products from Love & Pebbles are exactly what you need to take your skincare routine to the next level. It’s obvious that Truong and Tran have made something remarkable, as evidenced by their over 100,000 Instagram followers; one can only assume that their wealth will increase in tandem with the success of their project.

Skin Care Products

Their current wealth is $12 million, as reported by Forbes. The popularity of their Cryo Beauty Pops ice mask is partly responsible for the company’s meteoric rise in sales.

Love & Pebble’s expansion has benefited immensely from the natural beauty movement of recent years.

Social media sites like TikTok have helped spread the word about their ground-breaking creations, which now regularly amass millions of views. When it came out, the Cryo Beauty Pops ice mask was an instant hit because it made it easy for people to use cold treatments for skin care without having to freeze water bottles or buy expensive equipment.

love and pebble
love and pebble

The Pebble Beauty Pops line, also introduced by Love and Pebble, features sheet masks filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making them ideal for providing extra TLC to the skin.

It’s obvious that they’ve built a prosperous company by pioneering significant changes in the skincare sector. We can’t wait to watch this firm grow as it releases even more innovative goods in the near future.

The Love and Pebble Story of Paul and Linda

Paul and Linda Story started the skincare brand Love and Pebble, which became popular after Lori Greiner invested in it on Shark Tank.

Since then, the couple’s wealth has exploded thanks to the popularity of their company’s beauty pops. Freeze-dried fruit juice powder is the key ingredient in Beauty Pops Ice, making it a one-of-a-kind face treatment with natural antioxidant benefits.

It helps people get smoother, younger-looking skin and less puffiness under their eyes.

Love and Pebble’s wealth has skyrocketed after their appearance on Shark Tank. With Greiner’s assistance, the company has broadened its distribution channels beyond the realm of conventional stores.

They’ve established a strong online presence and subscription service for clients who value convenience above all else while using their products. This strategy has been essential in making them a market leader in the skincare sector.

Increase in Love and Pebble’s Collective Wealth

After making an appearance on Shark Tank, Love and Pebble, a skincare firm situated in Los Angeles, California, saw a large increase in their company’s overall net worth.

One of the Sharks, who happened to be Lori Greiner, invested after hearing about their Beauty Pop face mask. Lifetime sales have skyrocketed ever since then, and the brand shows no signs of slowing down.

The team at Love and Pebble is now using the money from their shark tank deal to expand into new markets around the world, increasing their reach even further than before.

This cutting-edge cosmetics company appears to have solid ground under its feet and a bright future in 2021.

Consequences For The Money Spent On “Shark Tank”

Paul Tran and Lynda Truong created California Natural Beauty Pops, which is a brilliant idea. They went on Shark Tank in hopes of attracting investors who could help them grow their firm, and they were successful.

The investment from Shark Tank has had a great effect on the brand’s visibility, sales, and overall popularity around the world. As a result of their stepped-up advertising, sales at their online store and in stores around the country and the world have skyrocketed.

Furthermore, Paul boasted, “We are now producing twice as much product as we ever have!” He also stressed the significance of partnering with the right investors who believe in the same things you do.

Paul Tran and Lynda Truong are developing their firm with new goods, locations, and partnerships throughout the world with the support of Shark Tank. Their experience demonstrates that nothing is impossible when you have a great idea and put in the time and effort to make it a reality, even with the help of the “sharks.”

How do people feel about the Love and Pebble products?

Paul’s appearance on Shark Tank has undoubtedly increased interest in Love and Pebble’s products. Acne and other skin problems are no match for the company’s all-natural remedies. Customers have praised the face ice roller for its ability to effectively reduce facial inflammation and redness.

Another customer favorite is the mix spatula. It’s a simple method for mixing substances that would be tough to mix by hand. People who don’t want cumbersome electronics in their bathrooms or closets have commended its minimalist appearance.

Love and Pebble guarantee that their products will not irritate or break out your skin because they only use natural ingredients.

Love and Pebble keeps rising in the ranks as a leading innovator in its field. Many customers respect their commitment to delivering affordable, high-quality, and risk-free options for basic health and aesthetic care.

It’s likely that sales and positive public sentiment will continue to rise as more people become familiar with this novel business strategy.

What the Sharks Thought of Love and Pebble When They First Saw Them

The owners of Love and Pebble, Lynda and Madison, captured the Sharks’ attention right away. They moved rapidly to introduce their product, a powdered aloe vera mixture that could be made into a drinking solution by mixing it with water.

Mark Cuban revealed his charitable side when he inquired if they would accept his offer of $150,000 in investment if he waived 5% equity after hearing how Lynda sold her house to support this venture.

Business investors seeking environmental sustainability and significant social impact will find plenty to applaud in Love and Pebble, and the room was electric with anticipation.

All five sharks interested in investing in this novel idea accepted Robert Herjavec’s proposal of $200,000 for 15%.

The Company’s Long-Term Vision

Both Love and Pebble are excited about their future. ‘Shark Tank’ investor Paul Scialla has helped the company develop at-home beauty treatments including frozen gua sha and a gua sha kit.

During the pandemic, it has been crucial for consumers to be able to take care of their skin without leaving the house.

In addition to selling its wares online, the company intends to set up shop in several of the largest cities in the United States.

Even after its TikTok video went viral earlier this year, Love and Pebble haven’t stopped making headlines online. It seems like this forward-thinking label is here to stay.

Those Who Do Business With Me

The indie beauty brand Love and Pebble has been making headlines for its ground-breaking approach to skin care. The company sells items like “Pebble’s Beauty Pops,” which are claimed to improve the appearance and feel of your skin.

Linda and Paul’s startup, Love and Pebble, has been a success from the start, garnering attention from customers, journalists, and investors.

Love and Pebble, however, does not operate in a vacuum; there are plenty of other businesses jostling for positions in this developing subset of the cosmetics industry.

Another factor working against Love & Pebble is the proliferation of similar goods on the market, many of which provide customers with essentially the same benefits at lower pricing.

Love & Pebble must find new markets or develop innovative ways to differentiate themselves from competitors if they want to maintain sustainable growth in the future. One such way could be to launch social media campaigns that specifically target consumers looking for skin care products and highlight the unique qualities of Love & Pebble’s brand.

To further boost their position within the market and provide more revenue streams, they may want to establish a comprehensive plan that includes relationships with influencers or celebrities.


One firm that has made it big while starting out small is Love and Pebble. The company’s wealth has increased over time because of its novel offerings, dedicated leadership, and positive reception during an appearance on the ABC show Shark Tank.

Love & Pebble distinguishes out in a crowded marketplace thanks to the company’s dedication to superior products and service.

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