Kyleforgeard Net Worth, Age, Height and full Bio

Do you want to know the secret of YouTube star and Nelk Boys co-founder Kyle Forgeard’s phenomenal financial success? Prepare to have your mind blown! Here we will also talk about Kyleforgeard net worth. Forgeard has over 6.73 million subscribers on YouTube thanks to his affable nature and hilarious prank films. Moreover, he is earning an incredible $70 million a year.

Forgeard, who grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, quit his studies to travel the world with Nelk. His YouTube channel is the main source of revenue, and it has brought him $25 million in wealth as of February 2022.

Forgeard, a social media influencer based in California, uses his platform to promote Full Send Entertainment and partner with a wide range of companies. And he started the profitable Full Send clothes merchandise company.

Forgeard has used his platform to raise money for good causes despite setbacks like demonetization and social media suspensions.

Learn all about Kyle Forgeard’s wealth and how he became so wealthy by reading this in-depth profile!

Who is Kyle Forgeard, and how much money does he have?

Canadian YouTuber and Nelk Boys co-founder Kyle Forgeard has charisma and is a creative powerhouse. He skipped college to follow his dreams and is now living a high life with expensive automobiles, designer clothes, and trips across the world.

The viral video of him pranking police officers was the catalyst for his meteoric climb to fame because it exemplified his innovative approach to content development.

Kyle lives in California with his girlfriend, but he doesn’t want anyone to know who she is. He has also worked as a social media advocate for fashion and sports firms, which has increased his standing in the YouTube community.

Kyle Forgeard, who has over 7 million subscribers on the Nelk Boys’ channel and a long list of endorsements under his belt, has made an indelible mark on YouTube culture with his funny videos and successful business ventures.

Kyle Forgeard’s stature and general appearance

He was born on July 12, 1994, making him 29 years old now. About 188 centimeters tall, Kyle Forgeard has a respectable stature. Short brown hair, a trim frame, and comfortable casual attire best describe his outward look.

Biography, Filmography, and Early Career

This Canadian videomaker, who grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, left college to focus on making YouTube videos with his pals. Here are four highlights from Kyle Forgeard’s formative years and professional career:


Kyle Forgeard had intended to study film at Ryerson University, but he dropped out to concentrate on his YouTube channel instead.

Celebrity status:

Forgeard became famous after a video of him pranking police officers went viral. With the help of this video, he was able to build a sizable fan base and officially create the Nelk channel on YouTube.

Attempts at entrepreneurship:

Forgeard has been involved in a number of business endeavors outside of Nelk Boys. As a social media evangelist, he has worked with prominent names in the fashion and sports industries, and he just founded a clothes goods company called Full Send.

Ingenious methods and individual success:

Forgeard stresses the value of originality and lateral thinking in his writing. His innovative methods have made him $25 million richer (as of February 2022), largely due to the popularity of his YouTube channel.

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Relationships, Charity Work, and the Family Business

Learn about the joyous side of Kyle Forgeard’s life as he discusses his charitable work and family life.

Kyle’s quest has been greatly aided by the encouragement of his family; his father even offered him a $300,000 bonus to help fund his ambitions. With this help, he can devote more time to the Nelk Boys YouTube channel and do more good in the world.

Kyle Forgeard is well-known for his generosity and commitment to helping others. He has leveraged his fame to benefit cancer research and to aid the California police in solving a case involving a deadly highway shootout, to the tune of $100,000.

Kyle Forgeard exemplifies the value of service and having a positive impact via his deeds.

The Nelk Boys and Full Send

Prepare to enter the bizarre universe of the Nelk Boys and Full Send, where you will be amazed by their outlandish antics, incredible products, and unbelievable success.

The Nelk Boys’ YouTube channel has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the development of a successful line of goods. Nelk Boys gear includes everything a die-hard fan might want, from sweatshirts and tees to hats and accessories.

However, that’s not the end of it. Kyle Forgeard also conducts interviews with notable people like Donald Trump and Elon Musk on his podcast, Full Send. As a result of this podcast, Kyle’s standing in the entertainment world has skyrocketed.

In addition to their success in the prank and podcasting arenas, they have also launched a line of hard seltzer under the name Happy Dad. This beverage has swiftly become a fan favorite, marking yet another commercial triumph for the Nelk Boys.

Furthermore, they have released Full Send Metacard NFT, marking their entry into the cryptocurrency market. Their $23 million in profits are due in large part to this digital collectible.

Despite their achievements, the Nelk Boys have run into problems as a result of the demonetization of social media. Several of their channels have been removed for breaking site rules. However, they keep coming up with new strategies to earn money from their work and stay in touch with their loyal audience.

Investments and Financial Prosperity

Learn more about Nelk Boys and Full Send’s investments and financial performance to learn how they’ve been able to create millions of dollars through brand collaborations and advertising. Did you know that they have demonstrated their commercial acumen by purchasing property in Las Vegas and Los Angeles?

Putting Money Into Property:

Both Nelk Boys and Full Send have made astute real estate investments by purchasing buildings in Las Vegas and Hollywood. This exemplifies their market savvy and eagerness to spread their fortune around.

Classic Automobiles:

As a co-founder of Nelk Boys and Full Send, Kyle Forgeard lives like a millionaire with his fleet of high-end vehicles. He has a collection of high-end automobiles, including a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and an Audi RS7 with a unique wrap.

Donations and other acts of charity

Although the Nelk Boys are better renowned for their antics, they also do charitable work. They’ve helped generate money for charities like cancer research through their platform. They also sent $100,000 to the California police to help with a case involving a deadly highway firefight.

These endeavors illustrate Kyle Forgeard’s entrepreneurship and his commitment to creating riches and making a positive impact in the world.

Online identities and the potential for controversy

The Nelk Boys and Full Send have amassed a big following on social media thanks to their engaging material and occasionally provocative behavior. They have amassed millions of fans thanks to social media outlets like YouTube and Instagram.

However, detractors believe that they frequently cross the line in their pranks, which raises ethical difficulties. Nelk Boys’ material has resulted in repeated demonetization and suspensions of their social media outlets, creating obstacles to their commercial growth.

Despite these difficulties, they have used their platform to raise money for many organizations, including those working in the fields of cancer research and law enforcement. By keeping his private life under wraps while yet enjoying the luxuries of his affluent lifestyle, Kyle Forgeard has struck a healthy balance between fame and anonymity.

Social Media PresenceControversial PranksDemonetization & SuspensionsFundraising Efforts
Nelk Boys’ entertaining content has garnered them a massive following on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.Critics argue that some of their pranks cross ethical boundaries.Their social media channels have faced demonetization and suspensions multiple times.They have used their platform to raise funds for causes such as cancer research.
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Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, Kyle Forgeard’s achievements and contributions go far beyond his wealth. By providing $100,000 to Californian police for a tragic highway shootout case and utilizing his platform to collect money for cancer research, he has shown his dedication to philanthropy. Forgeard’s commitment to improving the world is on full display in his deeds.

The effects of Forgeard’s viral YouTube video stretch far beyond his bank account. His standing in the industry has been bolstered by the partnerships he’s forged with major brands and famous people thanks to his influence.

With the money he made, he was able to start a clothes merchandise company called Full Send and develop the Happy Dad line of hard seltzer.

This voyage, however, has not been without its difficulties. It’s worth noting that Forgeard and the Nelk Boys have had their accounts demonetized and suspended from various social media sites on many occasions.

They’ve persisted in spite of these obstacles and kept finding fresh ways to reach their devoted audience.

There is little doubt that Forgeard has gained insight into the significance of perseverance, flexibility, and being loyal to one’s purpose through his life experiences. It will be fascinating to observe his future endeavors to see how he expands his legacy in the fields of entertainment and charity.


What is the full name of Kyle Forgeard?

His full name, Kyle Joseph Forgeard, is what people usually call him. In his early career, he became well-known after a video of him pulling a prank on police officers went viral online. Few details regarding his private life are known to the public.

Why is Kyle Forgeard serving an unknown jail sentence?

There has been much discussion and interest in the mystery surrounding Kyle Forgeard’s time spent behind bars. The experience may have affected his professional trajectory, but it also gave him a chance to develop and educate himself.

How much of Kyle Forgeard’s wealth may be attributed to endorsement deals and advertising campaigns?

Kyle Forgeard has amassed a fortune thanks to numerous endorsement deals, sponsorship commitments, and other business arrangements with well-known companies. All of these collaborations and ads have been crucial to his financial success.

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