Fivio Foreign Net Worth, Age, Height, Songs and All

Do you want to know Fivio Foreign Net Worth, a rising rap star, is doing? Now get ready to be astounded by the tsunami of success that has catapulted him to a $3 million fortune.

Fivio Foreign has made a name for himself as a formidable musical force because of his innovative sound and exciting live shows. His 2019 smash hit “Big Drip” catapulted his career to new heights. Since then, he has inked a record deal with Columbia Records and worked on a remix of his hit single with industry giants like Lil Baby and Quavo.

After appearing on Drake’s “Demons” and helping out on Kanye West’s “Off the Grid” music video, Fivio Foreign’s star continued to climb. In 2022, he dropped his debut studio album, “B. I. B. L. E.,” which immediately established him as a major player in the rap scene.

Fivio Foreign has persevered in his pursuit of fortune and fame despite encounters with the law.

Is anyone familiar with the name “Fivio Foreign”?

I bet you’re wondering who Fivio Foreign is. Let me tell you, he’s not your typical rap artist.

Fivio Foreign’s original approach to rap and his ability to captivate listeners with his words have had a huge effect. He is influenced by a wide range of artists, including Jay-Z, Dipset, and 50 Cent, among others.

Fivio Foreign’s “Big Drip” remixes feature appearances from musicians including Lil Baby and Quavo. His reputation in the music business has been bolstered by these partnerships.

Since then, Fivio Foreign has been hard at work on new music and wants to keep breaking new ground in the rap industry. Watch out for what he comes up with next!

The Beginnings of Fivio Foreign’s Professional Life

A young and driven artist came from New York City’s streets, forging his own way to the top of the music industry.

Early in childhood, Fivio Foreign encountered hardship and grief; nonetheless, he channeled these emotions into his music.

Fivio Foreign, inspired by rappers like Lil Wayne, Master P, and Bow Wow, created his own sound by fusing drill music with his own lyrical skill.

With the help of remixes of his breakthrough song “Big Drip” featuring famous musicians like Lil Baby and Quavo, Fivio Foreign shot to prominence and made a major influence on the rap scene.

Fivio Foreign has established himself as one of the most fascinating voices in modern hip-hop with his unstoppable enthusiasm and magnetic stage presence.

Successful Musical Attempts

Musician Fivio Foreign has risen to new heights thanks to his work; he has been nominated for several Grammys and is now well-recognized as a major player in the rap industry.

His distinctive approach and delivery have made him an influential figure in the Drill music scene. Fivio Foreign has broadened his audience and demonstrated his range by working with other talented musicians like Lil Baby and Quavo.

His tours and shows have made him a household name, and his reputation as a performer is secure. Fivio Foreign is also a major style icon in the rap community thanks to his signature look and forward-thinking fashion sense.

Impact on Drill Music GenreCollaborations with Other ArtistsNotable Performances & Tours
Unique style and deliveryLil BabySuccessful tours
VersatilityQuavoMemorable live performances

Family and Individual Life of Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign has been able to balance his thriving musical career with a rich personal life and close bonds with his loved ones. Fivio Foreign is committed to being a caring and encouraging parent despite his own difficulties.

He is proud to be involved in the lives of his two children from prior relationships. Because of his childhood, Fivio Foreign knows how important it is to provide a loving home for his children.

After his mother passed away, he was forced to raise himself on the streets, so he saw firsthand the difficulties that come with a broken family. This has just strengthened his resolve to be there for his kids and provide them with the love and stability they need.

Fivio Foreign has remained dedicated to striking a balance between his musical career and his duty as a loving parent despite the challenges he has faced.

Social Media Accounts of Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign’s social media presence allows him to connect with his fans on a more personal level. And providing glimpses into his daily life and creative process. With 1.7 million Instagram followers and 700K YouTube subscribers, Fivio Foreign has built a dedicated fanbase that eagerly follows his every move.

Links to his Social Accounts are given below:





Foreign Fivio Assets and Amenities

Explore Fivio Foreign’s incredible collection of luxury cars to get a feel for the opulent lifestyle of the renowned rapper and singer. Fivio Foreign’s collection of luxury automobiles is emblematic of his ostentatious lifestyle.

He has several high-end vehicles, including a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a Cadillac Escalade, and a Bentley Bentayga. These tools not only highlight Fivio Foreign’s achievements but also contribute to his public persona as a successful musician.

Car ModelDescription
Mercedes-Benz E-ClassA stylish and sophisticated sedan that combines elegance with performance.
Cadillac EscaladeA spacious and opulent SUV known for its comfort and luxury features.
Bentley BentaygaAn exquisite SUV that exudes class and refinement with its impeccable craftsmanship.

Fivio Foreign has a number of properties across the country, including a home in The Bronx. And other locations in California, in addition to his extensive collection of luxury automobiles. He has wisely diversified his holdings during his career, expanding his interests beyond music.

Furthermore, Fivio Foreign has developed a sophisticated taste in apparel, as evidenced by his selection of high-end labels for his wardrobe. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Balenciaga, and Off-White are just a few of the designer names he is frequently spotted sporting.

Fivio Foreign’s wealth demonstrates not only his fame and fortune as a musician. But also his taste for and skill in investing in high-end consumer goods.

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Fivio Receives International Acclaim and Nominations

Fivio Foreign’s collection of awards is as glittering as a red carpet, showering the company in praise like confetti at a gala. He has been recognized for his contributions to the rap business at numerous award ceremonies.

Fivio Foreign has not won a Grammy, but his talent and creativity have gotten him nods for the honor. He has also been nominated for a number of other awards, which serve to further establish his standing in the field.

His profile has been elevated by his work with other famous musicians, like as Lil Baby, Quavo, and Kanye West. And he is now closer than ever to winning one of these honors.

Many people are looking forward to Fivio Foreign’s upcoming releases and projects. Since they know he will get to demonstrate his talents and possibly win more prizes.

Questions That We Get A Lot

Where did Fivio Foreign first perform his music?

Fivio Foreign got his musical start by creating his own music and then establishing the band 800 Foreign Side. His 2019 breakthrough single, “Big Drip,” exploded onto the music scene.

Fivio Foreign’s collaborations with Lil Baby and Quavo highlight his high-octane, aggressive flow. He had a rocky start, but through hard effort and talent, he eventually succeeded.

What kind of recognition has Fivio Foreign received?

Unfortunately, Fivio Foreign has not yet received any prestigious awards. However, he has worked with other famous musicians, including Lil Baby and Quavo. The music industry and the drill music genre are better off because of him.

Fans of Fivio Foreign can look forward to upcoming music releases and even award nominations.

Can you tell me Fivio Foreign’s yearly revenue?

The annual revenue of Fivio Foreign comes from numerous avenues. He makes a lot of money from endorsement deals, concert tours, and selling and streaming his music. His investments and commercial activities also boost his earnings. Fivio Foreign’s rising star indicates a bright financial future.

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