Drick Parrish Net worth, age and husband

Drick Parrish is a celebrated family member who has gained notoriety for being the sister of Roscoe Parrish and the girlfriend of Frank Gore. Both Roscoe and Frank are former NFL players, with whom Drick’s brother and husband have an amiable relationship.

In this article, we will uncover some facts about Drick Parrish’s life, such as her career, age, marriage, husband Frank Gore, children, net worth, and more. Below is a quick overview of her profile.

Age, Height, Weight And Ethnicity

NameDrick Parrish
Nationality American 
ChildrenFrank Gore Jr.
Demetrius Gore
MotherRegina Conley
BrotherRoscoe Parrish
BoyfriendFrank Gore
Net worthUnknown

Side by side, Drick Parrish has a black-colored pair of eyes and a blonde-colored hair type. What’s more, she belongs to the White ethnic group. 

While the exact date of birth of Drick is unknown, a couple of sources presume that she would be in her late 30s or early 40s at the time. Details of her birthday are unknown; however, she was born in the United States and held American citizenship by birth. 

Well-known as the sister of former American NFL player Roscoe Parrish and the girlfriend of former American NFL player Frank Gore, Drick Parrish was born on an undisclosed date, month, and year in her home country, the United States of America. 

Drick Parrish was born and raised in the United States, and her other siblings with whom she shares the family of “Parrish.”

Drick Parrish is a woman of unknown height and weight, but from her pictures, one can assume she stands tall and has an average build. She has black eyes and blonde hair and belongs to the White ethnic group. It is believed she is in her late thirties or early forties.

She was born in the United States, making her an American citizen by birth. Drick is well known as Roscoe Parrish’s sister, former NFL player, and Frank Gore’s girlfriend.

Along with Roscoe, she shares the same family name of “Parrish” and was raised in the US. However, the exact date of her birth remains unknown.

Husband And Family

Frank Gore, a former NFL player, is not married to Drick Parrish, but he is the celebrity’s lover.

Specifically, Drick broke up with Frank Gore after learning that he had adulterous romances with Kehaulani and Yasmine. Drick accepted Frank’s marriage proposal in 2014 before the revelation.

Importantly, the couple shares two boys. When Frank was still a college student, they welcomed their first son, Frank Gore Jr., in 2002. The name of Frank and Drick’s second son, who was born in 2014, is Demetrius Gore.

Frank Gore Jr., like his father, plays football, and at the time this story was revised and posted on our website, he was 21 years old.

Drick Parrish’s Mother, Brother 

Our research indicates that Drick’s mother’s name is Regina Conley, and her only sibling’s name is Roscoe Parrish.

Professional Career and Education of Drick Parrish

Drick has kept her work information secret, like the majority of other aspects of her life. Whatever the case, we deduced that she is a part of a famous family; specifically, she is the girlfriend of former American NFL star Frank Gore and the sister of former American NFL player Roscoe Parrish.

According to reports, Parrish attended the neighborhood schools in the area where she grew up for both her elementary and high school education. She received her elementary school and high school diplomas there.

She completed her undergraduate studies concurrently at one of the US colleges, earning a Bachelor’s degree.

Drick Parrish’s Net Worth And Salary

There is no information about Drick Parrish’s estimated net worth. However, her partner Frank Gore is thought to be worth anywhere between $15 million and $30 million. His career as a former American Football player helped him accumulate his wealth.

Four Surprising Facts about Drick Parrish

  1. In the 2005 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers chose her husband with the 65th overall pick, and he was a third-round participant.
  2. While her spouse was a member of her college team, she gave birth to her first kid.
  3. She was expecting her second child at the time of the wedding, and Demetrius was born to her after the wedding.
  4. She is extremely close to her brother Boscoe Parrish, who is also a former NFL player.

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