How Old Is Big Meech

Big Meech, or Demetrius Flenory, is a feared drug dealer and businessman in the United States. His criminal organization was once worth $270 million and employed 500 individuals, making his narrative legendary.

Big Meech, who was born on June 21, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio, is best known as the creator of the notorious drug trafficking and money laundering organization known as The Black Mafia Family (BMF).

From 1990 through 2005, he and his brother Terry Flenory (Southwest T) were the undisputed kings of the streets. But the DEA eventually caught up with them and put both brothers away for the next 30 years.

Big Meech is scheduled for release in 2028, while Southwest T was released in 2020. Big Meech’s fascinating life story has continued to interest viewers even after he was convicted and sent to prison in films like Black Mafia Family.

When did Big Meech turn that age? To learn more about this mysterious man, let’s investigate his past and present.


Real NameDemetrius Flenory
Stage Name/NicknameBig Meech
Date of Birth21st July 1968
Age23 Years
Living in Detroit, Michigan
Height5.8 Inches Tall
Source of WealthMusic, Business, Acting
Net Worth$8 Million

Well, what do you know? On July 21, 1968, the world was introduced to Big Meech, the famed drug dealer and businessman. Are you serious?

Little is known about Big Meech’s family history or his personal life. Charles and Lucille Flenory are his known parents. Nicole Flenory is his sister, and Terry Flenory is his brother.

Big Meech’s family was struggling financially when he was a kid. He did not complete post-secondary studies at a university. Instead, he and his brother Terry entered the drug trade while still in high school.

Big Meech has been associated with numerous women, including several well-known actresses, over his life. His present marital status is unknown.

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Earlier Years

Big Meech, as Demetrius Flenory, came from humble beginnings and did not have the opportunity to further his education past high school. Big Meech and his brother Terry had a tough upbringing due to their family’s financial situation, but they eventually succumbed to the pull of the drug trade.

They became close friends after beginning a drug dealing partnership in high school. The environment influenced them, and the drive for wealth spurred them to start the illegal activities that would lead to the formation of the Black Mafia Family (BMF).

Their sibling closeness was important in the development of their criminal professions and the growth of BMF into a major drug trafficking enterprise.

Launching a Profession

The Flenory brothers, driven by a desire for financial success and motivated by their peers, began their adventure into the world of illegal substances while still in high school. Demetrius, also known as Big Meech, and his brother Terry, well known as Southwest T, went into business together as cocaine traffickers in Detroit. Their future criminal empire would be built on the back of this unlawful activity.

Big Meech launched BMF Entertainment as a hip-hop record label and talent development agency as they grew in money and influence. They weren’t just influential in the drug trade; they also helped shape the hip-hop scene.

However, the brothers’ tense relationship in 2003 led to a fight, and then an arrest and a prison sentence. Big Meech has had an unquestionable effect on the hip-hop industry despite their criminal acts.

A Family of Black Mafioso

Big Meech has undeniable renown and power in the world of drug trafficking, despite his criminal activities. His most notable association is with the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a powerful and pervasive criminal syndicate. The drug distribution networks used by BMF were extensive, reaching all corners of the United States.

BMF was run out of Atlanta and Los Angeles by Big Meech and his brother Terry Flenory. In order to obtain drugs, they linked up with distributors in Los Angeles and drug gangs in Mexico. The company peaked with about 500 employees and $270 million in annual revenue.

Big Meech and BMF became cultural icons despite their criminal acts. As a result, a documentary series called “Black Mafia Family” was produced. Big Meech’s public profile was bolstered by his many partnerships with attractive women, some of whom were famous in their own right.

These facts shed light on Big Meech’s life and career, but they in no way excuse or validate anything he did.

Arraignment and Punishment

Big Meech and his brother Terry Flenory were both caught in 2005 and sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for helping the Black Mafia Family sell drugs and launder money. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) brought the case against them under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute, which led to the term.

The legal consequences of the BMF’s actions had a big effect on how they ran their business. This essentially broke up the group and stopped its illegal activities. Big Meech is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon. While he is in jail, he can’t do what he wants and must follow all the rules.

Big Meech and his brother went from being heroes to villains in the eyes of the public when their illegal actions became well known.

Age at Present

Big Meech, now 55 years old, is still serving time in an Oregon jail, expecting to be released in the year 2028. Although he is behind bars, his influence on the drug trade and criminal operations is undeniable.

From 1990 through 2005, Big Meech led The Black Mafia Family (BMF) to great prominence in the criminal underworld. Over $270 million was made in profits from drug trafficking and money laundering operations orchestrated by his group. It’s estimated that he has a personal fortune of $8 million.

Big Meech was also a major player in the music industry through his label, BMF Entertainment, where he helped launch the careers of major hip-hop artists including Young Jeezy.

Big Meech and his loved ones suffered greatly as a result of his criminal behavior, however. Despite this unfortunate turn in his life, Big Meech’s age is a reminder of the positive and negative effects that one person may have on society.

When It Comes Out, In the Future

In 2028, when Big Meech is scheduled for release, he will have a second opportunity at freedom and a chance to make amends for his past mistakes. He will now be able to reimagine his future after spending almost twenty years in prison.

However, Big Meech may encounter a number of difficulties as he adjusts to life outside of prison. After his release, he will have to focus on his rehabilitation and deal with any outstanding legal issues that may occur.

The community’s reaction is still up in the air, since some may see him as a symbol of criminality while others hold out hope for his redemption and constructive contributions.

Big Meech needs to surround himself with positive influences if he ever wants to live a lawful and successful life. In addition, he may face additional challenges on the road to recovery as he readjusts to life outside of prison. And the alterations brought about by the advent of contemporary civilization.

Questions & Answers

How much money did Big Meech have at his peak, and how did he get it?

Big Meech’s lavish lifestyle is made possible by criminal activities. Such as drug trafficking, which he engaged in to amass his fortune. He amassed a fortune of over $100 million at the height of his illicit businesses. This behavior, however, resulted in legal issues and damaged the neighborhood.

Is there any evidence of Big Meech’s involvement in or influence on the music industry?

Through his work at the record label and talent marketing agency BMF Entertainment, Big Meech made a major impact on the music industry. Working with other prominent figures in the hip-hop scene, including Young Jeezy. He helped him to grow as an artist and make an indelible impression on the scene.

Is there anything we should know about Big Meech’s personality and appearance?

Big Meech has a distinct sense of style and is frequently spotted donning hip, rapper-inspired garb. He is quite self-aware of his physical look and has many tattoos to prove it. His precise interests and hobbies are kept under wraps. However, it is known that he enjoys driving and has a penchant for high-end automobiles. Big Meech’s dietary choices are a complete mystery.

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